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In My Garden

A few mornings ago I awoke to a sight I hadn’t seen much of over here in Sussex, England this month — blue sky and sun. So, after some coffee and toast (with peanut butter), I grabbed by camera and headed out into the garden. Time to commune with the flowers and the bees.





New Year’s Day Walk

It was good to get out for a long walk this morning after the festivities of New Year’s Eve. The sun shone and I grabbed my camera, heading out to the Bedelands in Burgess Hill, West Sussex near my home. It was early and aside from a few early bird dog walkers, I had the forest and fields pretty much to myself.



Newfoundland Flowers

I love photographing flowers, so on my summer trip to Newfoundland I could often be found in a field with my camera, getting close to flowers, not to mention bees, ladybirds, and butterflies. We all get so caught up in the “big picture” in our busy lives, it’s good to remember the beauty of small things.

Fireweed was turning the fields mauve all along the coast.

DSC_0741  DSC_0712

DSC_0566  DSC_0573

DSC_0565  DSC_0562

garden 2  eastport 32

And blue dotted the fields everywhere, in irises, harebells, vetch, and, of course, blueberries which were just ripening.

DSC_0408  DSC_0257

DSC_0414  DSC_0205

DSC_0765  DSC_0770

DSC_0753  DSC_0745

DSC_0727  DSC_0721

The heady scent of wild roses wafted over the August fields.

DSC_0693  DSC_0747  DSC_0694  DSC_0756

And white! Labrador Tea, daisy, yarrow, roses….

DSC_0438  DSC_0684

DSC_0657  DSC_0664

DSC_0814  DSC_0802

DSC_0861  DSC_0830

eastport 63  DSC_0011 - Copy

Everywhere, just everywhere, beautiful lupins coming into flower.

DSC_0705  DSC_0706  trinity 30  trinity

wesleyville 4  garden 3

Sunny yellow flowers lit up the green fields and covered rocks with summer.

DSC_0710    DSC_0702

DSC_0787  DSC_0813  DSC_0828  DSC_0536

DSC_0487  DSC_0643

DSC_0855  DSC_0266

DSC_0268  DSC_0246

And every now and then, a touch of red.

DSC_0789  DSC_0726

DSC_0340  DSC_0857

berries  flowersAnd random mixes.

garden 5  garden 4  window  shed 3  DSC_0005 - Copy  DSC_0813

Nature is generous. We should take some time to notice.

A Newfoundland Road Trip

I’ve been very remiss these past couple of months. I haven’t finished posting the photos from my summer road trip around the outports of Newfoundland with my cousin Queenie. Oh, I’ve been meaning too… but, you know, life.

So here it is, the penultimate post about my wonderful Newfoundland holiday. Then tomorrow… marvelous St. John’s. Oh, and do me a favour? Let’s just let Newfoundland be our little secret, okay?

A short drive along the coast from Eastport is the outport village of Salvage (pronounced Sal-VAAAGE), with a stong ‘A’. Canadian radio host Michael Enright calls the 5.6 mile walk between Eastport and Salvage “the most beautiful in the world”. Well, I’m not going to argue. We spent a couple of hours exploring the town, and the location provided an embarrassment of riches for my camera.

salvage 4  salvage 11

salvage 9  salvage 8

salvage 2  shed

salvage 7  shed 2

salvage 13  window

garden 3  garden 2

flowers  garden 5

birdhouse 2  garden 4 shed 3

We left Easport a few days later and headed along the northern coast, through the remote seaside town of Wesleyville. The weather had turned misty, making for some evocative images.

wesleyville  wesleyville 4

wesleyville 8  wesleyville 6

wesleyville 3  wesleyville 13

wesleyville 15  wesleyville 14

wesleyville 11  wesleyville 9

Just down the road we found the fantastic art shop, Norton’s Cove, run by artist Janet Davis and her husband. Have a look at her website: http://www.nortonscovestudio.com where you can buy her unique Newfoundland artwork.

nortons cove 3  nortons cove

nortons cove 5  notons cove 12

nortons cove 6  nortons cove 7 nortons cove 13  nortons cove 14

nortons cove 12 nortons cove 10

nortons cove 16 nortons cove 15

nortons cove 17 nortons cove 8

We made an overnight stop in my hometown of Grand Falls, where we caught up with relatives and had a wander around the town. I even caught my cousin’s son make a home run at the local LIttle League game.

jennifer and matty, grand falls house  birches 2

DSC_0982  DSC_0994

baseball  baseball 3

Then we hit the road again the next day, for our final stop, St. John’s, the oldest English-founded city in North America.