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Spring in a Victorian Cemetery

There is a Victorian cemetery near my flat, and I walk through it most days on my way to the Underground. I love the walk — the peace only broken by the caw of citrus-coloured parakeets (there’s a colony nesting in the trees) and rustle of leaves as squirrels chase each other around the headstones. This squirrel played statue while I took his photo — can you see him?

spring crocuses 106

Spring literally arrived overnight. The sun came out and spread carpets of snowbells and crocuses over the fresh green grass.

spring crocuses 094

spring crocuses 086

spring crocuses 079

spring crocuses 093

spring crocuses 084

spring crocuses 098

And, here and there, a flash of yellow, as daffodils unfurled.

spring crocuses 075

spring crocuses 104

a street away from the bustle of London on a busy weekday morning. Just me and the squirrels and carpets of flowers.


Orchid Fever

I’ve spent a lot of time these past few weeks doing dutiful things — moving to a new flat, work stuff, teaching — and I’ve passed my camera looking at me balefully on my shelf on my way out the door. So I hived myself off to Kew Gardens yesterday to look at orchids. As you do.

kew gardens orchids 034

kew gardens orchids 045

kew gardens orchids 068

kew gardens orchids 065

kew gardens orchids 072

kew gardens orchids 081

kew gardens orchids 085

kew gardens orchids 056

kew gardens orchids 059

kew gardens orchids 086

kew gardens orchids 091

kew gardens orchids 094

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale, her infinite variety.” Thank you Shakespeare.

Snapshots of Morocco

I was primarily in Morocco on a rug-buying jaunt for clients, so didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to slow down and take in the atmosphere. But I did catch a few moments here and there.

A quick lunch in the Fes souk…

moroccan rugs 1199moroccan rugs 1198

…the view from the Fes café…

moroccan rugs 1195

…people watching in Marrakech…

moroccan rugs 1226

…while enjoying a nus nus coffee…

moroccan rugs 1230

…knick knacks for sale in the souk…

moroccan rugs 1249moroccan rugs 1248

…and carpets, lots and lots of carpets… I was in search of the lovely white and black Beni Ourain wool carpets of the north…

moroccan rugs 1233moroccan rugs 1235moroccan rugs 1234

moroccan rugs 1239

moroccan rugs 1240

moroccan rugs 1243

Animals were a regular part of the scenery…

moroccan rugs 1220

…Ifrane’s famous limestone lion…

moroccan rugs 1183

…and storks industriously building nests anywhere high… They particularly like phone masts.

moroccan rugs 1190

And, of course, there were flowers…

moroccan rugs 1254moroccan rugs 1258

…and views…

moroccan rugs 1262

…and sunsets.

moroccan rugs 1209

Spring in Morocco

Just back from a quick trip to Morocco and it was a revelation. I’ve been there more times than I can count, but never in February. And February in Morocco is beautiful. The snow still caps the mountains, the sky is a clear blue, the fields are green from the winter rains and the almonds blossom pink and white in the valleys.

moroccan rugs 1170

moroccan rugs 1176

moroccan rugs 1177

moroccan rugs 1178

moroccan rugs 1180

moroccan rugs 1185

moroccan rugs 1214

February in Morocco. Ssshhhhh. Let’s just let it be our little secret.