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I’m Back / Ralphie Haiku

I know I’ve gone missing for a few months. Sometimes that happens. But now I’m back.

Much has happened since my last post in May. But before I pick up with new blogs, I pay tribute to Ralphie, my loyal canine companion of my year in Nanaimo who passed away to doggie heaven in June. So I’m now a girl without a dog and good shoes. Ralphie, you will be missed.

last blog ralphie 1 last blog ralphie 2 last blog ralphie 3 last blog ralphie 4 last blog ralphie 5


May your path weave through

forests green-scented — a loyal

friend at your heel.


Love Haiku: Loyalty

last blog ralphie 4

You are there always —

when I’m lonely, sad, broken,

always, you are there.

Ralphie’s Report Card

It was time for a really good session at the PetSmart groomers for Ralphie. |She’d had such a busy month full of forest walks, lake swims, and grass rolling that the house was starting to smell like a national park. So off we went and dropped her off for her spa day. And when Jamjarjude and I picked her up she was fresh as a daisy. Complete with a pretty red bandana.

lantzville may 063

Before we left they gave JJJ Ralphie’s report card. “Ralphie was really good today. She was very happy today and very well-behaved. We hope to see her again soon.”

Good dog!