Along the Bonavista Peninusla, Newfoundland

After a morning in Trinity, Queenie and I head along the coast to the old sealing outport of Elliston, then on up the coast to Bonavista lighthouse on the northern tip of the Bonavista peninsula. The sun is shining and it’s a glorious day.

elliston 8  elliston 4

elliston 5  elliston 2

elliston 9  elliston 10

elliston 3  elliston 13

elliston 12  elliston 15

elliston 16  elliston 17

elliston  elliston 14

When we reached the lighthouse later that afternoon, the sea is alive with the splashes of humpback whales playing and breaching off the shore and I join a few lucky people sitting on the cliff to watch the show.

bonavista 2  bonavista 3

bonavista 11  bonavista 4

bonavista 10  bonavista 5

We finish up a full and memorable day with a fantastic dinner of fresh cod followed by partridgeberry and maple pudding on the deck of the Bonavista Social Club as we watch the sun set over the bay.

bonavista 12  bonavista 13

bonavista 14  bonavista 15


A Morning in Trinity, Newfoundland

I’m just back from three wonderful weeks in Canada, ten days of which was spent in glorious Newfoundland — the terra firma of my birth. (If you don’t know where it is — it’s the large island off the eastern coast of Canada that juts into the Atlantic and has its own time zone). My family moved away when I was a child, and it had been over forty years since I’d had a proper visit. I’d always wanted to take some time to explore the outport villages, and this year my cousin, Quilting Queen (Queenie for short), suggested a road trip — two of my favourite words, as Jamjarjude knows.

After a brief touchdown in the capital St. John’s (more of which in another blogpost), we were off on a drive along the northern coastal road, and our first stop was the picture perfect town of Trinity. The sun had deigned to shine, after the coldest July on record, and we enjoyed a stroll around town, poking into intriguing shops, and a delicious lunch in a cafe by the shore, before we headed out again along the coast road towards Bonavista.

trinity 5 trinity 6 trinity 7 trinity 9 trinity 10 trinity 11 trinity 12 trinity 13 trinity 14 trinity 15 trinity 16 trinity 17 trinity 18 trinity 19 trinity 20 trinity 21 trinity 22 trinity 23 trinity 24 trinity 25 trinity 26 trinity 27 trinity 28 trinity 29 trinity 30 trinity 31 trinity 32 trinity 33 trinity 34 trinity window trinity 3 trinity 4

Wildlife Photos at Port Lympne

A few weeks ago I went on a one-day wildlife photography workshop at Port Lympne wildlife park  ( ), led by my favourite photography teacher Nigel Wilson ( ) and, as it’s been a rainy day here today, I’ve taken the time to sort through my images. I struggled with a dodgy telephoto lens during the morning, with most of my photos turning out blurry, but changed to a Nikon DX 55-200 telephoto lens after lunch and managed to capture some shots of tigers and lions (and a shot of cheetahs and a gorilla) that I’m pleased with. Lesson learned — always carry spare lenses! It was a very sunny June day, so I used a filter to cut out the glare — this was a huge help as well.

Here they are. What do you think?


tiger 8

tiger 14

tiger 3

tiger 11

tiger 12

tiger 13

tiger 17

tiger 10

tigers 1

tigers 2

tiger 2

lion 9

lion 8

lion 5

lion 4

lion 3

lion 7