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Love Haiku : Waiting 2

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Under the grey sky,

by the sea stippled with rain,

I will wait for you.



I was in Brighton yesterday on the Pier watching the waves churning and splashing against the beach. A woman in a pink raincoat came over all “French Lieutenant’s Woman”….


…I thought, hmmmm….


…not a good idea to turn your back on the waves.




I think she needs a bigger raincoat.

The Beach Up Close

My sister Jamjarjude and I stopped off for a walk on the beach at Lantzville the other day. It’s not a mellow, sandy beach, but one of those wild, rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest. And beautiful. Especially when you get up close and personal.

There was seaweed…

lantzville may 012

…and tiny mussels clustered together on the rocks….

lantzville may 009

…masses of barnacles…

lantzville may 005

sandstone carved by the sea water…

lantzville may 018

…pebbles cemented by the sand into rock…

lantzville may 029

lantzville may 003

…and rocks pitted where the pebbles have been released into the sea.

lantzville may 019

lantzville may 026

lantzville may 027

The tide was low, and the beach revealed the sandstone honed into soft shapes by the sea…

lantzville may 041

lantzville may 043

lantzville may 045

lantzville may 020

…and many textures, all unveiled by the low tide.

lantzville may 039

lantzville may 038

lantzville may 036

lantzville may 033

lantzville may 024

Just a walk on a beach.

lantzville may 035

On the Road, Part 2

Jamjarjude and I hit the road for the USA this morning in full Thelma and Louise mode sans Princess Ralphie who stayed home to chillax after her taxing day of car rides and walks yesterday. We arrived at the US border crossing at 11:00am….

usa 058

…where we were perplexed to discover that Americans appear to be under the misapprehension that Canadians enjoy parrot as a dietary staple.

usa 061

We headed down the highway and shortly found ourselves in picturesque downtown Bellingham, Washington

usa 070

…where wall art is big…

usa 133

…and where, as you would expect, a rocket has pride of place in the downtown centre.

usa 076

Feeling a bit peckish we wandered along Railroad Avenue where my eye was caught by “The BIGGEST hamburger in Bellingham!!!” at Fiamma Burgers (www.fiammaburger.com), so we just had to go in.

usa 093

We ummmed and ahhhhh over the Elk Burger…

usa 088

….but finally settled on the most delicious char-grilled hot dogs and fries we’d ever eaten…

usa 089

….and for those of you who’ve read my Hellzapoppin’ blogpost, please note our table number :-).

After lunch we moseyed around town where we spotted the occupant of the rocket ship out shopping….

usa 086

….and were stopped in our tracks by CUPCAKES!!!!

usa 125

So I pulled Jamjarjude into the Icing on the Cake cupcake shop (www.realcupcakes.com) and were given a taste of the most delicious tiramisu cupcake, so we promptly bought up a box of cupcakes to bring home with us to Canada.

usa 121

Stimulated by the thought of the cupcakes sitting in their prettily wrapped box, we started to think… dessert….and we fortuitously happened upon Rocket Donuts (www.rocketdonuts.com) …

usa 084

….where we were faced with the most difficult decision-making task of our day.

usa 127

We headed back to the car, Jamjarjude holding the cupcake box and me with the bag of donuts, and, after embarrassing Jamjarjude by taking a picture of a sheriff’s car (because you just have to if you’re a Canadian)…

usa 136

…I spread out the map of Bellingham on the car seat and we ate donuts.

usa 153

Feeling the need for some exercise after our indulgences we headed up the coat to Birch Bay, which, I’m afraid, was given the Thumbs Down with Raspberries award after the beach tried to suck Jamjarjude into sandy oblivion.

usa 137

And we headed home to Canada, full of food, with a Thumbs Up for Bellingham, and transporting a little bit of American soil across the border to the Great White North.

usa 139

PS: Diet starts tomorrow.