Lunch at A and W, or How to Be a Canadian Lesson 6

The Yanks have McDonalds and Burger King, the Brits have Wimpeys, but when it comes to burgers in Canada, the place to go is A&W.

food! 073

I remember our parents driving up to the drive-in A&W in Sherbrooke, Quebec back in the 1960s when the waitresses wore miniskirts and roller skates, and hooked trays to the car window with our burgers and root beers. It was a real outing when Dad announced a trip to A&W, and then the decisions! The Mama Burger, or the Teen Burger or the Baby Burger or maybe a Chubby Chicken burger. Always root beer though. In the iconic A&W frosted root beer mug,

food! 018

A&W was founded by Ray W. Allen and Frank Wright in California in 1919, with the first Canadian branch opening up in Winnipeg in 1956. In 1972 the Canadian restaurants were sold to Unilever and in 1995 they were bought out in a management buyout. The Canadian A&W’s are 100% Canadian-owned are are no longer affilated with the US A&W brand.

food! 078

So, we’re moving JJJ’s stuff from our Mother’s house over to her apartment on the BC mainland today and tomorrow, and, after a morning of stuffing furniture into a U-Haul van, we felt we’d earned an A&W burger for lunch. The roller-skating waitresses are long gone, so we did what most Canadians do, and headed for the Drive Thru.

food! 017

We pondered the Burger Family…

food! 015

,,,and Chubby Chicken…

food! 012

JJJ chose the chicken burger and I went with the Mama burger with thick cut fries and diet root beers (you can’t not have root beer at A&W).

orcas! 010

When in Canada, eat burgers like a Canuck. A&W is the one.

food! 079


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