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Ralphie’s Report Card

It was time for a really good session at the PetSmart groomers for Ralphie. |She’d had such a busy month full of forest walks, lake swims, and grass rolling that the house was starting to smell like a national park. So off we went and dropped her off for her spa day. And when Jamjarjude and I picked her up she was fresh as a daisy. Complete with a pretty red bandana.

lantzville may 063

Before we left they gave JJJ Ralphie’s report card. “Ralphie was really good today. She was very happy today and very well-behaved. We hope to see her again soon.”

Good dog!


Road Trip to Victoria, Part 2

After our delicious lunch at Ottavio’s deli in Oak Bay Village, Victoria — — Jamjarjude, Ralphie and I hopped back in the car and headed back to Nanaimo. But we made a stop at the Goldstream National Park — — just¬†before we hit the dreaded Malahat (crazy road, crazy drivers) — the main road out of Victoria.

Running through the centre of the park is a salmon-spawning river.

road trip may 095

No salmon there this time of the year, but there are signs along the river which explain the whole cycle.

road trip may 103

I’d love to go back when the salmon are running, although the salmon also bring out the bears. ūüôā

road trip may 145

It was a lovely day, and the forest was cool and quiet, the path springy underfoot from bark and moss. We followed the river…

road trip may 107

road trip may 096

…passing the knarled trunks of dead “wildlife” trees — homes to insects for birds like woodpeckers…

road trip may 109

…pass “nurse” trees sprouting octopus-like growth…

road trip may 120

…past fallen trees, which Ralphie had to inspect…

road trip may 113

…and the stumps of long-gone giants.

road trip may 099

The saskatoon berries were starting to ripen… bear candy…

road trip may 105

road trip may 114

…and¬†plants were unfurling into their full glory on the forest floor.

road trip may 112

All along our walk, the river rippled beside us…

road trip may 138

road trip may 137

road trip may 143

road trip may 146

…tempting Ralphie for a drink…

road trip may 141

…and a Canada goose for a wade.

road trip may 102

Eventually we came out of the forest onto a marshland where the streams were full of the honks and squawks of ducks and geese…

road trip may 126

…a lovely place for a picnic… some day.

Then we retraced our steps, piled back into the car and headed up to Nanaimo. But our day wasn’t quite finished yet! Jamjarjude made a turn off the highway to Shawnigan Lake. “I know a little place for lunch,” she said.

road trip may 160

It was off the beaten track. So unassuming it was easy to drive by. But, oh, what you miss if you drive by! The West Arm Grill — .

road trip may 164

road trip may 173

With a view out over the lake from our table by the window…

road trip may 169

…and the most delicious spinach salad I’ve ever eaten.

road trip may 170

Yes, I do actually eat salad sometimes. (JJJ had the caesar salad which she gave a thumbs up too).

Road Trip to Victoria, Part 1

Jamjarjude, Ralphie and I set off on a road trip to Victoria the other day so that I could renew my passport. I’m off to the UK in June for the summer staying with my sister Tootsie and her family, and will write my blog over there, sans Princess Ralphie and JJJ. So I’ll be a girlwithoutadogand(with)goodshoes. But no doubt my 4-year-old nephew Hankenstein will be joining me on my adventures, so that should add a novel twist to things.

So, off we three were. We made an early stop in Ladysmith to fuel up on java and home-made squares at the Bean Time Cafe.road trip may 006

Let me tell you, when you have the opportunity to eat squares baked by a Canadian, do it! It’s one of our unsung talents.

road trip may 008

After our sugar shot (maple pecan for Jamjarjude and a macaroon brownie for me), we trundled off down the highway. A quick stop into the passport office in Victoria, then we were off to walk on one of the many lovely beaches along the Victoria waterfront with Ralphie.

The wildflowers were out. Clover….

road trip may 031


road trip may 035

road trip may 085

…tansy…road trip may 077

…yellow lupins…

road trip may 062

…and sweat peas scrambling over driftwood.

road trip may 046

And speaking of driftwood…

road trip may 068

road trip may 049

road trip may 067

…and the view… beautiful.

road trip may 053

road trip may 074

It was getting on to lunchtime so we headed off to Oak Bay Village and found a wonderful Italian cafe/deli, Ottavio,

road trip may 091

…where we shared a board of cheeses and salami with fresh bread and pickles. We couldn’t resist a bag of their tempting cookies¬†to fortify us on our drive back to Nanaimo. Perfecto!

road trip may 088

A Little Bit of Mexican Kitsch

We were thirsty. We`d been to Victoria and back to the passport office — I managed to get in my passport renewal by the skin of my teeth before my flight to the UK in two weeks — and we`d stopped at the Goldstream National Park on the way home for a fantastic walk under the trees along a salmon stream. “Watch out for bears“ we were told. “Berries coming out“. But, as I`ve mentioned before, Ralphie is a great bear dog, so we forged on.

But now my sister Jamjarjude and I were back in Nanaimo, Ralphie deposited back in her doggie bed. We were thirsty and only a margarita would do. “Get in the car,“ JJJ said. “I know just the place.“

So, I did what I was told and the next thing I knew we were at Gina`s Mexican Cafe in Nanaimo.

golf 067

You gotta love a place with a bathtub boat on its roof.

Inside, we were transported to a beach shack in Mexico, circa 1952. A place where you`d find Hemingway at the bar and Ava Gardner serving drinks to a sweaty Gable in a safari shirt. Without the humidity and mosquitoes.

golf 077

golf 076

golf 078

golf 079

The margarita was delicious, and we nibbled on some natchos and I wondered how to bring shocking pink into my next design.

golf 083

The margaritas just whetted our appetites, so, after asking the patient waitress the difference between enchiladas and burritos and fajitas and soft tortillas, she patiently (and quite possibly long-sufferingly) explained, then she turned over the cocktail card for the `Gringo` explanations.

golf 084

I was up for the chicken enchiladas…

golf 086

…while Jamjarjude opted for the cheese omelet wrapped in a soft tortilla.

golf 088

Delicioso! For a bit of Mexican kitsch in Nanaimo, with some tasty food and slam dunk margaritas, Gina`s Mexican Cafe is your place.

The Beach Up Close

My sister Jamjarjude and I stopped off for a walk on the beach at Lantzville the other day. It’s not a mellow, sandy beach, but one of those wild, rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest. And beautiful. Especially when you get up close and personal.

There was seaweed…

lantzville may 012

…and tiny mussels clustered together on the rocks….

lantzville may 009

…masses of barnacles…

lantzville may 005

sandstone carved by the sea water…

lantzville may 018

…pebbles cemented by the sand into rock…

lantzville may 029

lantzville may 003

…and rocks pitted where the pebbles have been released into the sea.

lantzville may 019

lantzville may 026

lantzville may 027

The tide was low, and the beach revealed the sandstone honed into soft shapes by the sea…

lantzville may 041

lantzville may 043

lantzville may 045

lantzville may 020

…and many textures, all unveiled by the low tide.

lantzville may 039

lantzville may 038

lantzville may 036

lantzville may 033

lantzville may 024

Just a walk on a beach.

lantzville may 035