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New Year’s Day Walk

It was good to get out for a long walk this morning after the festivities of New Year’s Eve. The sun shone and I grabbed my camera, heading out to the Bedelands in Burgess Hill, West Sussex near my home. It was early and aside from a few early bird dog walkers, I had the forest and fields pretty much to myself.




A Weekend in Puglia, Italy – Part 1

italy 82I was lucky enough to be invited down to Puglia, Italy last weekend for a design conference held by the Italian Trade Commission. No need to ask me twice! I packed a carry-on and headed off to Stansted Airport to catch the Ryanair flight to Bari.

After a day meeting Italian suppliers, I got up early on the Sunday morning to catch the beautiful early morning light. I had a walk around the grounds of the lovely hotel Masseria San Domencio in Fasano, and managed to capture some images as the sun was rising.

It’s nice to remember there are places with blue sky in December.

italy 66

Battersea Park

I spent a few hours between meetings meandering around Battersea Park. Playing with the manual settings on my new camera (a Nikon d3100 — my first digital SLR). Autumn was turning the trees gold…








…and birds…



…and flowers hanging on…




…and architecture…




…and dancing fountains…


…and joggers…


…and Buddhas…


…and leaves….lots of leaves.


Some More Faces in the Forest

I love looking for faces in the forest and in the driftwood when I’m out walking Ralphie. It’s amazing what you can see when you start looking.

poppies 011

fritilleries 045

poppies 076

road trip may 110

road trip may 154

poppies 046

road trip may 042

lantzville may 070

I thought that one looked like a Scottie dog.

road trip may 043

road trip may 151

A pouncing cat.

road trip may 158

A bit like a gorilla.

lantzville may 048

A large bird at the base of the tree.

The Big Tree

I had an errand to run in Port Alberni yesterday, and on the way back I stopped at Cathedral Grove to see The Big Tree. I’d missed it the last time I was there with Jamjarjude — it was in another part of the grove and we didn’t have time to trek there. But this time, I was on a mission.

But, of course, once you walk into Cathedral Grove, with its centuries-old redwoods, your pace is slowed and your mouth drops open. Because all you can do is look up.

big trees 003

The grove goes on for miles, but only a small portion of it is accessible. The paths are covered with moss, which drapes from branches like swags of green velvet.

big trees 002

The grove is so quiet… you tend to find yourself whispering. It is a place of awe.

big trees 007

Then the quiet is broken by the murmurings of a brook, and, for a moment, I bring my eyes back to earth, to reconnect.

big trees 010

big trees 008

I pass a lightning tree – a giant which has been immolated by a blast of lightning from a sky god…

big trees 018

…just the one tree, in the middle of the forest, all its neighbours untouched.

big trees 017

Then, it is there. The Big Tree. A Douglas fir eight hundred years old. Already 300 years old when Columbus set foot on the New World. Born at the end of the 12th century, when Richard The Lion-Heart was on the throne of England, and Genghis Khan’s armies overran Asia. Still alive. A connection to all that has lived since it’s birth.

big trees 023

Seventy-six metres tall, nine metres round, taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And still growing. It has another two hundred years to go before it starts its decline.

big trees 022

And I touched it of course.