Monthly Archives: January 2015

Love Haiku : Parting



We walked, for a time,

in step along the same path,

till choice parted us.


Love Haiku : Found


I have seen you

far away, on the other side.

Wait. I am coming.

Frosty Morning

I did a lot of moving around last year — three different flats in North London, West London and Sussex, two weeks in Canada, six weeks in Morocco, a week in France… don’t get me wrong, I LOVE moving around. I’m a Sagittarian after all. But some of my good habits went out the window with this peripatetic life  — especially my morning jog. Now, I’m not a runner — I am a very slow jogger. I’d be an annoying jogging partner to anyone who wants to feel the burn. But jogging at a tortoise’s pace, rather than a hare’s is okay by me. It makes me feel good. I listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sun — or wind — or, most likely  in England, rain — on my face.

Now that I’ve settled, for the time being at least, in a pretty rented flat in Sussex, with a park just outside the backyard, and with the dawning of the new year, I figured it was high time to dig out those “good shoes” of my blog title and stretch my legs around the park. So far, so good. For the past week I’ve been working my way up to 10 times around the park (up to 7 now) without stopping. And I’ve been reminded of the perks of being out early on a frosty winter morning.




Good morning, sunshine! And a Happy New Year to you too.