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Love Haiku : Trust

april 112

My feet stumble

on this unfamiliar path.

“Trust me,” you say.

“I will guide you.”


Wildlife Photos at Port Lympne

A few weeks ago I went on a one-day wildlife photography workshop at Port Lympne wildlife park  ( ), led by my favourite photography teacher Nigel Wilson ( ) and, as it’s been a rainy day here today, I’ve taken the time to sort through my images. I struggled with a dodgy telephoto lens during the morning, with most of my photos turning out blurry, but changed to a Nikon DX 55-200 telephoto lens after lunch and managed to capture some shots of tigers and lions (and a shot of cheetahs and a gorilla) that I’m pleased with. Lesson learned — always carry spare lenses! It was a very sunny June day, so I used a filter to cut out the glare — this was a huge help as well.

Here they are. What do you think?


tiger 8

tiger 14

tiger 3

tiger 11

tiger 12

tiger 13

tiger 17

tiger 10

tigers 1

tigers 2

tiger 2

lion 9

lion 8

lion 5

lion 4

lion 3

lion 7