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More Faces in the Forest

When I’m out with Ralphie on our walks, I love looking for faces in the trees and driftwood. What do you think?

april 166

stuart mclean 064

Do you ever get the feeling someone’s watching you?

newfoundland 061

pipers lagoon 029

I thought this looked like a moose.

deer 020

neck point flowers 008

april 175

april 345


And you just thought you were going for a walk.

A Trip to Englishman River

On our way back from Coombs, Jamjarjude, Ralphie and I stopped at Englishman River for a walk through the woods. Ralphie was ecstatic. Anytime there’s water around, she’s in doggie heaven.

coombs 150

coombs 113

The water was crystal clear and we weren’t the only ones out enjoying the river.

coombs 105

coombs 106

Ralphie just had to have a go herself.

coombs 110

We walked along the river, under the dappled shade of the trees, and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the spring flowers…

…fawn lilies…

coombs 114

…blue-eyed Mary…

coombs 132

coombs 128


coombs 146

coombs 115

…and trilliums.

coombs 101

coombs 100

The sound of the flowing river was never far from us.

coombs 149

coombs 129

coombs 148

coombs 140

coombs 119

…and there were some quiet creatures about too.

coombs 104

neck point flowers 009

Poor Jamjarjude is still recovering from the snake and banana slug episodes.

Meandering in Coombs

It’s always nice to have Jamjarjude over here on the island for a visit. I feel much less guilty driving 20 miles for an ice cream if I have a companion in crime. So, yesterday being another lovely day, we (and Ralphie) piled into the car and headed off to Coombs….for ice cream.

coombs 069

Coombs is a hamlet with a rather schitzophrenic personality. Part charming stop-over with goats on grass roofs and in fields reminscent of some Swiss mountain idyll…

coombs 004

…a place to stop at the nursery for garden plants and bamboo…

coombs 015

coombs 013

coombs 012

coombs 027

coombs 021

coombs 019

coombs 017coombs 025

…eat delicious Italian food at the Cuckoo Restaurant…

coombs 008

…listening to the water dancing in the fountain as you eat your pizza…

coombs 024

…buy delicacies or eat lunch at the Goats on Roof market,

goat on roof 1

goats on roof 2

coombs 010

coombs 043

…where you can find Pacific salmon cured any number of ways…

coombs 048

coombs 047

…maple syrup the way Canadians buy it…

coombs 049

…and delicious Saskatoon berry jam.

coombs 050

There are shops to browze…

coombs 038

coombs 018

…where you can pick up any number of pretty things…

coombs 033

coombs 031

…or rustic things…

coombs 096

…or a good read…

coombs 035

…or, and here is where it gets a bit bizarre, enormous marble sculptures. Just the thing for your patio garden.

coombs 090

I wandered down the road, past the tourist trap shops, towards some tired looking antiques shops, which were, for the most part, places where junk has come to rest. But along the way I found some treasures…

coombs 092

coombs 085

coombs 086

coombs 068

coombs 080

…especially an abandoned old log house being reclaimed by nature.

coombs 063

coombs 064

coombs 058

Then it was back to the market to choose our ice cream from their 50-odd flavours… rocky road for me and sea salted caramel for Jamjarjude…

coombs 053

…dispensed from a tumble-down building of immense charm.

coombs 095

Coombs, focus on the good, avoid the nasty touristy stuff, ogle the goats and eat ice cream.

Bath Day for Ralphie

It was inevitable the day would come. And, after a month of rolling in the grass, and the mud, and the sand, and a week in a kennel, it was time, high time, for Ralphie’s bath. 

newfoundland 366

Jamjarjude and I headed into Bosley’s in Aldergrove, to take advantage of their “wash your dog yourself” facilities. Ralphie was not best pleased. We put on our aprons, rolled up our sleeves and hauled Ralphie into the tub. First there was the shower….

newfoundland 368

newfoundland 367

newfoundland 369

…then the shampoo — we used most of a bottle….newfoundland 370

newfoundland 371

…and finally, the blow dry. She really didn’t like this. Too noisy.

newfoundland 373

We bought her a funky new bed and as soon as we got home, she collapsed on it and sulked. Even though she looked so pretty. Poor Ralphie. It’s been a tough week. Kennels then a bath. Things can only get better.

coombs 154

A Day in Cowichan Bay

Jamjarjude, Ralphie and I were in the car, just off the ferry from Mill Bay, and we decided to take the old coast road up to Nanaimo rather than get back on the Trans Canada Highway. It was a beautiful day, and the meadows were dotted with flowers and the trees were in bloom. We weren’t in a rush. The sun was warm.  The birds sang. Sun glinted off the sea. It was once of those perfect days.

We meandered along the coast road and reached the small coastal town of Cowichan Bay where we pulled in for a walk and a coffee (and sweet, of course). And what a pretty place it was…

























…every nook and cranny of the town is a picture. And the coffee and chocolate and almond cookie at True Grain Bread, were so good, Jamjarjude had to restrain me for going back for more.