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Food and Views from Victoria to Nanaimo

Another quick trip down to Victoria yesterday with Jamjarjude and Ralphie to pick up my new Canadian passport and see our Auntie Bee, ninety-four and as spry as either of us. We had a lovely lunch of Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches (pastrami on rye with mustard and a side dill pickle for JJJ and me, and blinis for Auntie Bee) at The Village┬áRestaurant www.villagerestaurant.ca and picked up some delicious cupcakes at Crumsbys www.crumsbys.com across the street…

food! 034

…then drove along the beachfront to walk Ralphie and smell the fresh salty air…

food! 021

food! 031

…where Ralphie cooled off in the sea.food! 038

We dropped Auntie Bee off and headed back to Nanaimo, stopping to admire the view from the summit of the Malahat.

food! 062

food! 051It was supper time when we reached the outskirts (we got caught in the Victoria rush hour) so JJJ suggested a light supper at the Crow & Gate Pub www.crowandgate.com in Cedar, one of our favourite spots. A veritable English Pub in the BC countryside.

food! 103

food! 102

food! 104

The evening was so lovely we decided to sit in the lovely gardens (although the interior is a cosy place that looks like it is straight out of a Dickens novel).

food! 105

food! 107

food! 106

food! 108

JJJ enjoyed a Smithwick’s Irish ale and I had a A-class gin and tonic with lime. Then we decided on a Stilton ploughman’s which was perfect.

food! 114

Afterwards we walked around the idyllic gardens bursting with the flowers of early summer…

food! 119

There were water irises…

food! 087

…roses fragrant with scent…

food! 112

…paper-like Oriental poppies…

food! 116

…eryngium (sea holly) like fire crackers…

food! 124

…my favourite blue delphiniums…

food! 120

…giant alliums like puff balls…

food! 126

…rabbit-eared French lavender…

food! 132

…and flowering thyme sending its pungent scent into the evening air.

food! 131

We didn’t see any crows but there was a pretty tree swallow with brilliant blue feathers perching in front of a bird house.

food! 097

The Crow & Gate — not just for beer lovers.