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Love Haiku : Reflection


At the end I dream

of days when we, besotted,

shared ourselves in time.


Alberta Snapshots Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday’s post. here are some more travel photos from my recent trip to beautiful Alberta. Canada. I’m already counting the days till I can return.

DSC_0327 DSC_0362 DSC_0354 DSC_0365 - Copy DSC_0369 DSC_0388


DSC_0391 DSC_0393 DSC_0395 - Copy DSC_0401 - Copy DSC_0408 - Copy DSC_0404 DSC_0421 DSC_0429 - Copy DSC_0434 - Copy DSC_0447 - Copy DSC_0448 - Copy DSC_0464 - Copy DSC_0466 - Copy DSC_0472 - Copy DSC_0471 - Copy DSC_0477 - Copy DSC_0479 - Copy DSC_0483 - Copy DSC_0489 - Copy DSC_0495 DSC_0500 DSC_0510 DSC_0515 DSC_0969 DSC_0899 DSC_0901 DSC_0894 DSC_0895 DSC_0875 DSC_0867 DSC_0635 DSC_0678 DSC_0693 DSC_0535 DSC_0559 DSC_0688 DSC_0704 DSC_0722 DSC_0745 DSC_0757 DSC_0806 DSC_0803 DSC_0820 DSC_0823


Ahhh, lovely.

I’m Back / Ralphie Haiku

I know I’ve gone missing for a few months. Sometimes that happens. But now I’m back.

Much has happened since my last post in May. But before I pick up with new blogs, I pay tribute to Ralphie, my loyal canine companion of my year in Nanaimo who passed away to doggie heaven in June. So I’m now a girl without a dog and good shoes. Ralphie, you will be missed.

last blog ralphie 1 last blog ralphie 2 last blog ralphie 3 last blog ralphie 4 last blog ralphie 5


May your path weave through

forests green-scented — a loyal

friend at your heel.

Thinking About 2013

This is it. My last blog of the year – 365 blogs, one for every day (not always published on the day, but I did always catch up). Was it worth it? Absolutely. I’ve become more observant from all my walks with Princess Ralphie on Vancouver Island…

last blog bc 6

last blog ralphie 3

…more creative (I’ve written over fifty flower haiku which I’m now putting into an ebook)…

last blog haiku 2

… I’ve taken up photography (thank you Tootsie for all the photography books for Christmas!).

last blog animals 35

I’ve lived in two countries (Canada…

last blog animals 5

last blog bc 15

… and Britain)…

last blog uk 2


last blog uk 18

…and travelled around Morocco with my dearest Berberman.

last blog morocco 15

last blog morocco 1

last blog morocco 20

last blog photos 30

last blog sunsets 5

…I have put out my novel to agents, had many rejections and some near misses, and it’s now on the “To Read” pile on a wonderful New York agent’s desk, having jumped the hurdle of her reader. So, that’s good. 🙂

last blog novel 2

…I’ve eaten some fabulous meals out and about…

last blog food 36

last blog food 10

last blog food 26

…and in the company of good friends and relatives (thank you Jamjarjude, Tootsie, Wineguy, Hankenstein, Drumguy, Winehippie, Designergirl, Modman, Brewgirl, Socky, Magman, Cousin K,  Tangogirl, Fieldpoppy, Spicegirl, Prince T, Craftgirl, Marky Mark and Berber Angel…

last blog food 17

last blog food 33

last blog food 19

…and played (a lot) with my nephew Hankenstein.


I’ve met some animal friends…

last blog animals 34 last blog ralphie 1 last blog animals 30 last blog animals 31 last blog animals 6 last blog animals 13 last blog animals 17 last blog morocco 12 last blog animals 27 last blog animals 18 last blog animals 38

I went back to my Newfoundland roots…

last blog travel 3 last blog travel 4 last blog travel 5

… and did some interior design…

last blog design 2

last blog work 1

…and started jogging…

last blog shoes

…and dusted off my tango shoes.

last blog tango

A new year looms ahead, and I’m packing (again) to move into a new place in January, away from the lovely swans…

last blog animals 16

…and cheerful canal boats of the River Lea…

last blog canal boat

… to a flat in Hammersmith or Brighton…we’ll see how it all pans out. Then, who knows? I’m ready for new places, new adventures, new experiences and making new friends (human and otherwise). I’ll keep writing, and photographing, and tangoing, and I’ll put it all in my blog, maybe not every day but pretty often, even if my dog is in BC with Jamjarjude…

last blog ralphie 4

… and my good shoes have now seen better days.

Keep moving, keep growing, keep curious and be kind.

Happy New Year to all my fantastic blog followers! Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

Christmas Tree Cats

I’ve been with my friends Modman and Brewgirl (not to forget Brewgirl’s 6-year-old daughter  The Sockless Wonder (Socky for short)) at their house near Canterbury for a few days. Oh, and the cats. Sminky…


…who is very fond of chasing the sun…




…and new arrival, 2-month-old Kipper, who, went not annoying Sminky or chasing tin foil bows around the floor, was usually found looking something like this.



Except for this morning. When he suddenly discovered the delight of adding himself to the Christmas tree as a decoration.




Sminky wasn’t going to be left out of the fun.


“Have you seen the cats, Age?” Modman asked me as he wandered into the living room.

“No idea.” No point spoiling their fun.