Spring in a Victorian Cemetery

There is a Victorian cemetery near my flat, and I walk through it most days on my way to the Underground. I love the walk — the peace only broken by the caw of citrus-coloured parakeets (there’s a colony nesting in the trees) and rustle of leaves as squirrels chase each other around the headstones. This squirrel played statue while I took his photo — can you see him?

spring crocuses 106

Spring literally arrived overnight. The sun came out and spread carpets of snowbells and crocuses over the fresh green grass.

spring crocuses 094

spring crocuses 086

spring crocuses 079

spring crocuses 093

spring crocuses 084

spring crocuses 098

And, here and there, a flash of yellow, as daffodils unfurled.

spring crocuses 075

spring crocuses 104

a street away from the bustle of London on a busy weekday morning. Just me and the squirrels and carpets of flowers.

3 thoughts on “Spring in a Victorian Cemetery

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