The Call of the Wild

Jamjarjude, Ralphie and I had just reached the point at Neck Point in Nanaimo. I’d turned to pull at Ralphie’s lead, and JJJ had just sat down on a bench. We’d noticed quite a few boats out in the Georgia Strait just off Neck Point, but we figured it was because it was a lovely day. Then a sound, the most, unearthly barking, honking, blowy kind of sound, shot through the air. I turned to look out at the strait and I saw it. The black triangular fin, The spout of air and water. Orca!

I screamed! I yelled! JJJ! Orca! Orca! We fumbled for our camera phones, all the while watching the water as it breached again and again. Then there was another. It was like having a dozen Christmases at once. I am still speechless with the joy of it.

Unfortunately our photos are terrible. By the time we got the cameras on our phones ready, the orcas had swum farther into the strait. And camera phones are not known for their great zoom facilities. So, all me managed to get were…

IMG-20130606-00424 IMG-20130606-00425 IMG-20130606-00426

They’re there. to the right of the boat. They were so much clearer to the eye. And, before they swum out into the strait they looked like this…


I need an SLR camera. On my Christmas list.


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