A Little Bit of Mexican Kitsch

We were thirsty. We`d been to Victoria and back to the passport office — I managed to get in my passport renewal by the skin of my teeth before my flight to the UK in two weeks — and we`d stopped at the Goldstream National Park on the way home for a fantastic walk under the trees along a salmon stream. “Watch out for bears“ we were told. “Berries coming out“. But, as I`ve mentioned before, Ralphie is a great bear dog, so we forged on.

But now my sister Jamjarjude and I were back in Nanaimo, Ralphie deposited back in her doggie bed. We were thirsty and only a margarita would do. “Get in the car,“ JJJ said. “I know just the place.“

So, I did what I was told and the next thing I knew we were at Gina`s Mexican Cafe in Nanaimo.

golf 067

You gotta love a place with a bathtub boat on its roof.

Inside, we were transported to a beach shack in Mexico, circa 1952. A place where you`d find Hemingway at the bar and Ava Gardner serving drinks to a sweaty Gable in a safari shirt. Without the humidity and mosquitoes.

golf 077

golf 076

golf 078

golf 079

The margarita was delicious, and we nibbled on some natchos and I wondered how to bring shocking pink into my next design.

golf 083

The margaritas just whetted our appetites, so, after asking the patient waitress the difference between enchiladas and burritos and fajitas and soft tortillas, she patiently (and quite possibly long-sufferingly) explained, then she turned over the cocktail card for the `Gringo` explanations.

golf 084

I was up for the chicken enchiladas…

golf 086

…while Jamjarjude opted for the cheese omelet wrapped in a soft tortilla.

golf 088

Delicioso! For a bit of Mexican kitsch in Nanaimo, with some tasty food and slam dunk margaritas, Gina`s Mexican Cafe is your place. www.ginasmexicancafe.ca


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Mexican Kitsch

      1. Margret Geraghty

        Looks and sounds idyllic. Love (real) Mexican food. Love a great margarita. I tell you one thing – if the writing in your novel is as sensuous and interesting as your blog – it’ll be a great read.

  1. Margret Geraghty

    Well, if you’re sending queries to agents in London, you could try mine – Jane Judd in Islington. She’s American – from Chicago – and a really nice person, too. Obviously, I can’t say whether she’d like your book but she’s excellent at her job. (I think she won some sort of agent of the year award in 2012). Good luck!


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