Heaven on Earth

The weather held up a beckoning finger today, pulling me out into the sun. I shut down the computer and surrendered. There are times to write, and there are times to walk in the woods.

It was a beautiful day at Neck Point and I took lots of photos. I started by looking at the big picture…

neck point walk 020

nanaimo bars 012

neck point walk 067

neck point walk 012

…and then I saw a lone pine clinging to the side of a cliff standing bravely against the buffetting wind coming across the Strait of Georgia

neck point walk 027

…and I started to look at shapes — the wind-whipped branches of trees against the blue sky…

neck point walk 044

road trip 3 1614

…the colours and textures of driftwood…

road trip 3 1075

neck point walk 077

…the pale trunks of trees in a copse shining like silver in the sunlight…


neck point walk 054

…reflections in a puddle…

road trip 3 1617

…tree bark like alligator hide…

neck point walk 041

…or spotted with the memory of insects…

neck point walk 105

…acid green lichen adding beauty to grey rocks…

road trip 3 1092

…sun shadow zigzags on the stairs….

neck point walk 037

…stones someone has balanced along a forest path…

neck point walk 073

…and, above the rooftops, on the way home, a glimpse of heaven.

neck point walk 108

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